February 29, 2020
You care for your pets by giving them fresh water and food every morning. You may also give them a good brushing. But is dental care on your list of pet care tasks? If not, then it should be. There are some best practices to follow when it comes to caring for your pet’s teeth, as well as things you should avoid.
January 30, 2020
You probably realize that your dog, just like us, needs regular exercise to be healthy. Getting some physical activity in each day is good for your canine’s cardiovascular health, keeping their bones and muscles strong, joints supple and very importantly, their weight under control. This is essential since gaining excessive amounts of weight can cause your pet to experience significant health problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. However, exercise isn’t only necessary for your pet’s physical health. It also has a significant impact on your pet’s day to day behavior too. This is because canines, and specifically young dogs, have a great deal of energy that they need to expel. If they don’t, it can lead to them developing destructive and undesirable behaviors such as chewing things that they shouldn’t, scratching and shredding furniture and making excessive noise.