Getting a Prescription for Your Pet: FAQ

Sometimes, prescriptions are easy to get, while other times, they can be a bit expensive. Also, you may have questions about your pet’s medication. Here are some of the most common questions when getting a pet drug prescription.


Why a Prescription?


If your pet needs a prescription, it's to address a specific ailment or illness. It is natural for a pet owner to fear the side effects of a drug. However, you should trust the vet and get the prescription for your pet. Utilizing your veterinarian for prescribing the correct medication and facilitating the ordering process is the best way to get a trustworthy prescription all in one place.


The Vet Gave Me a Painkiller Prescription for My Pet. Why Not Get One From An Online Store?


Popular online pet stores now offer many pharmacy medications in addition to toys, food, and more. You may be wondering, why not take your prescription from the vet and buy it from an online pet store? Although it is a viable option, it simplifies the process, often costs less money, and comes with professional veterinarian assurance to order medication directly through your veterinarian's pharmacy. Since prescriptions most often require a vet to sign off on them, you save yourself the back-and-forth by getting approval and ordering medication all in one appointment.


What Is the Difference Between Generic, Brand, or Trade Names on Medication?


Brand and trade names are straightforward. They are the popular branded drugs you find on the store shelves and in advertisements. Generic names are non-proprietary, and they have the same brand name for all their versions of the drugs.


Sometimes, drugs have counterparts in different categories. A drug may have a brand name or trade name, but there is another series of generic drugs that can do the same thing. They may not have similar names, but the pharmacists can tell you if a generic brand performs.


Can My Pet Take More Than Is Prescribed?


When you have a specific prescription, the pharmacy will not give you more than what is in it, and the practice is the same for pets. The pharmacists only have permission to give you the medication your pet needs. If you want more for your pet, you must get a refill on your prescription directly from the vet.


How Long Is the Prescription Valid?


Usually, a prescription can be valid for about a year unless the vet advises differently. Also, the period may depend on how many times you can repeat the prescription. If the vet has not included repeats or denotes “no repeats,” then the prescription ends after one supply.


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