Why Is My Pet Losing Hair in Clumps?

You must know the common causes of your pet losing hair in clumps or generally. It would be best if you tried to understand the cause of the hair loss before you call a veterinarian. When your pet gets a healthy diet, has a good quality of life, and enjoys the environment, it will have a healthy, glossy coat. When one or all of these are lacking, it could affect the quality of the coat. It can be pretty alarming to see your pet losing hair, and more so if the cause eludes you. 


Signs of Hair Loss in Your Pet

One of the signs of hair loss on your pet can include the hair feeling dry or brittle. Your pet might be shedding hair more than usual. It might also develop some bald spots in the coat, which can be irregular or circular.

Sometimes, the hair loss on your pet appears in one area of the body. Other times, it could be general hair loss over the whole body. Each of these scenarios can be caused by different phenomena. Here are some reasons why your pet might be losing hair in clumps


Parasite Infestation

Parasite infestation is a common reason for hair loss on your pet. In particular, lice, fleas, or mites can cause hair loss. The most common places that fleas can attack are around the tail and the neck.

Fleas can cause a lot of hair loss in these areas. These parasites can quickly infest your pet and irritate the skin. The irritation of the skin causes your pet to scratch a lot, which in turn causes hair loss.


Skin Conditions


If your pet has a preexisting skin condition such as dandruff or eczema, it will be prone to hair loss. Skin conditions on your pet can cause them discomfort and distress. When they are uncomfortable because of their skin, they will scratch or lick the offending areas to try and alleviate their distress. As specific areas of their skin become weak, they pull on their coat, causing hair loss.


Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies can cause hair loss in your pet. A good nutritional diet ensures that your pet's coat is healthy and thick. It supports the development of good skin and healthy hair growth. One of the core components of hair, keratin, needs amino acids and sulfur for correct synthesis.

Another essential component of hair and healthy skin is biotin. A poor diet will mean that these nutrients are missing in the body. It will lead to slow hair growth, and the hair will become brittle. Consequently, they will suffer from hair loss. 


Ovarian or Testicular Tumors

Tumors are a complex problem that can cause hair loss in your pet, especially dogs. Tumors are prevalent in older dogs, and they can cause hair loss in localized areas. Usually, the tumor secretes a hormone that interrupts the growth of healthy hair and the natural sexual cycle. Eventually, tumors can cause localized hair loss in dogs.

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