Exotic Pet Care

Exotic Animals

Our veterinary services aren't just for dogs and cats. Our exotic veterinarian team is here to care for a wide variety of avian and other exotic pets. Some of the animals we see here are Mokena Animal Clinic, Ltd. include:

  • Birds, including canaries, parakeets, and cockatoos
  • Small mammals like rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and sugar gliders
  • Lizards, snakes, turtles and other reptiles
  • Fish

Exotic Vet Care

Our exotic vet care for small pets, also known as pocket pets, is as comprehensive as our care for common dogs and cats. We know you love your pet, no matter what type you have, and we have the knowledge and ability to be your pet's "family doctor."

For any animal, the best veterinary care begins with preventative care, and that starts with regular wellness checkups. Depending on your pet's breed, we will want to see it in our office once or twice a year for a wellness examination. Some animals, like birds, are notorious for hiding their illnesses, and regular exams are the only way for us to diagnose and treat many diseases before they become serious.

In addition to exotic pet wellness care, we are a full-service animal clinic that can diagnose and treat a wide variety of accidents and illnesses in your exotic pet. We offer medical and surgical care for a wide variety of small and exotic pets. Small creatures develop every problem larger pets do, from chronic disease to broken bones, and we are here to bring your pet back to good health, whatever the problem may be.

Your Exotic Pet's Wellness Exam

Your pet benefits from regular wellness exams just like human beings do. Wellness examinations are the best way for our veterinarian to diagnose the early signs of disease, giving us the best chance of treating it before the disease becomes serious.

Every animal's examination will begin with weighing and measuring to make sure it is eating healthy and is within a healthy weight scale for its size. Obesity can be a problem with many mammals, and if your pet is carrying too much weight, we will advise you on steps you can take along with food recommendations for a healthier lifestyle.

We will listen to your pet's heart and lungs and look in its mouth and ears. Every exam is different, depending on the species, after these basic steps. For example, it is very important that we thoroughly inspect a small mammal's mouth. Overgrown and misshapen teeth have the potential to cause eating problems. If your pet is a bird, our exotic vet will look at wing length, nail tips, and beaks. No matter what type of animal you have as a pet, our veterinary team will check your animal from nose to tail to make sure it is in excellent health. We will discuss nutrition and proper behavior at this time, as well as answer any questions you may have.

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