Common Pet Health Problems

While ideally, we would like to only see our patients during their regular wellness exams, many pet visits to our veterinarians at Mokena Animal Clinic, Ltd. are for illness and emergency pet care. Animals need clinical care just like humans do, and if there is any doubt about your pet's good health, it is best to bring it to our office for us to check it out. Some of the more common symptoms to worry about are vomiting, diarrhea, excess scratching, listlessness or sudden changes in behavior. Any of these can signal a serious medical problem.

large dog treated at Mokena Animal Clinic

Common Medical Conditions

Pets with chronic health conditions make up a large portion of our patient list. The biggest health problem facing dogs and cats today is obesity. Unnecessary weight gain can cause a host of other health issues, from heart and lung problems to early onset arthritis. Being overweight will cause your pet's lifespan to shorten, without question, and it is almost always a matter of the right food and exercise. We will consult with you to create a plan to bring your pet back to a healthy weight.

Allergies are also very common in pets. Some of the more common symptoms are vomiting, rashes and changes in behavior. Allergies can come from food or the environment. We will narrow down the culprit and prescribe medication if needed.

Common Pet Emergencies Requiring Urgent Care

While we see a lot of pets because of their chronic health issues, the most frightening pet problems for owners are pet emergencies. Our team is always ready to care for your pet in any emergency, whether from illness or accident. Some of the more common ones we see are:

Vomiting and diarrhea These symptoms are always a symptom of something wrong with your pet, but they can indicate a wide range of problems, from poisoning to illness. It is generally safe to leave these cases alone for 24 hours, but if it persists longer than that, bring your pet into our office.

Trauma Pets suffer physical trauma from road accidents, falls, animal attacks and even gunshot wounds. Never try to deal with trauma at home. Keep your pet as still as possible, and transport it quickly to our office for treatment.

Collapse If your pet falls down and can't get back up again, it can be a sign of a serious physical problem. Collapse can be caused by a wide range of problems, from a heart or respiratory disease to poisoning or brain trauma. Don't delay; bring your pet in immediately if it collapses.

Breathing Problems Difficulty breathing can be caused by a foreign object in the throat, an allergic reaction, and even heart disease. This is another case of when to bring your pet into our office immediately.

Contact Your Emergency Vet in Mokena, IL

You trust your pet to our care for its annual wellness examination. Our emergency vet team is the best ones suited for any type of veterinary emergency care your pet might need. Whether your pet is sick or a victim of an accident, if you see any of these symptoms mentioned, don't delay in calling our office and bringing your pet in for urgent care. Call us at 708-479-2811 and we will advise you on what you should do.