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On behalf of the staff at Mokena Animal Clinic, Ltd., we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed. We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to complete the following Pet Memorial Form below.

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1/15/2009 - 8/5/2019

We lost our best friend on Monday. Mich was the happiest and loved sweet boy. He was an active large labradoodle that knew no stranger. He could have built a new wing at Mokena Animal Clinic as he was "always" getting into trouble, our sweet boy is running pain free with the big dogs, will never be able to thank everyone for loving Mich through the end.


7/30/2006 - 7/23/2019

Jack was our best friend and loyal companion who brought such joy and love to Mom and Dad. We would like to thank Dr. Fazio and her staff for treating our boy so well. Jack had a great life and home.


9/11/2007 - 9/4/2019

Sammy was the kindest dog an owner could ever want. He was friendly and loved everyone. Sammy loved to go for car rides especially up to Lake Geneva or even just to run errands. I miss the evening snuggles and the race to the door when he knew I was home from work. He touched so many lives while he was on this earth. I was the luckiest dog mom to have Sammy in my life.


Summer '05 - 8/19/2019

Dolce was in my life for 14 years - before my husband, our dog, daughter and latest kitten. Dolce adopted them all. He lived on both coasts, knew how to open doors, was an exceptional mouser, watched man movies with Dad, road tripped across the US, loved treats and took a piece of my heart to rainbow bridge. Mommy will forever miss her big boy.


7/4/2003 - 7/30/2019

My sweet Kirby was the Best!!! I adopted him from a shelter on September 11, 2003. I needed a good memory for that day. I was going thru some serious health issues during my life and Kirby was my healer. My heart is broken, but forever filled wih Love that Kirby gave to me.


? - 7/31/2019

We adopted Scrappy in 2008, he was approximately 1 to 1 1/2 years at the time of joining our family. I fell in love with him the moment I looked into his eyes. Scrappy was the kindest, sweetest soul I have ever encountered. We shared, which feels like not long enough now, but years of love and laughter with his beautiful fur face. He is so deeply missed by many. Scrappy, we love you and thank you for being such a beautiful part of our lives.


7/4/2014 - 4/26/2019

My fierce protector of her home, her boys and all she loved. I lost you so tragically because of it. I miss your happy little face and silly antics. You were taken away too soon. There will never be another you and I love you.


3/14/2008 - 8/2/2019

Be softer with your breath, my love see the light? It'll lead you the places you've always dreamt of where the waves slowly sway. A place so beautiful and painless, a place where you can freely play, a place where you can reunite with your brother who's been waiting, patiently, for you each day. As I hold you against my face and bones I feel you heart...It's beating slow...I feel the darkness slipping into me my mind sayd, "please don't go." You look at me with your tired eyes and I whisper, "It's can go, my love, don't worry... I'll see you later, ok?" You gaze at me with the moon in your eyes so follow my voice. "Follow the specks of sunlight, baby, heaven is waiting for you with joy. Close your eyes, my love...", I whimper as my heart drowns, my eyes begin to swell. I kiss my bestest boy and try to remember his smell. "It's time," the doctor the tears stream down my face...our journey together has come to an end and all I feel is pain. At least it's within me now and not for you to carry. I love you so much, my Chuey, life will feel so fragmentary. You look at me one last time, unfettered and prepared. Kay and I held you as the doctor began her share. "It'll be quick and painless." she said, "I'm sorry." She was in pain too. And so she began the final treatment... and what she said was true. A couple of seconds have passed by and my heart begins to cue quickly searching for your heartbeat but it's not coming through. "He's gone now," she says... I can't seem to find any air. My head is heavy with pressure I'm drowning, it's hard to bear. It feels as if I'm the thrusters on a rocket that helps prepare the launch of such precious cargo left back to combust in despair. It feels terrible when loved ones leave you but they're life lessons that help you grow. The only option is to be brave in your world of the unknown. My baby was such a light he guided me through dark times he made me laugh unbearably with the help of his gentle eyes. He taught me lessons in life especially of how to slow down to enjoy the present (of him) and everything around. I'll miss your sweet sweet kisses, your raspy howls inflight, your begging of mom's table food, and your cuddles with dad at night. Till we see each other again, my love, though we now live lifetimes apart. Thank you for being my best baby, you'll always live in my heart.


6/8/2005 - 5/16/2019

We rescued our Libby when she was 4 years old and weighed a whole 5 lbs. That little girl had our hearts from the first day we got her. She made us laugh all the time, so much so, I thought I should have named her Lucy for Lucille Ball. When we first got her we had to partition a part of the basement off for her when we went to work. We used a wood board and a box and held it in place with our treadmill. Well she kept getting out and we couldn't understande how she was doing this. So my husband put her in her area in the basement, blocked it off and went and hid so he could see how she was getting out of there. Sure enough, not even 5 mins later he saw two little paws at the top of the board then she pulled up her body, jumped to the box, then to the treadmill and up the stairs. OMG, we laughed so hard. She was very playful and liked to go into my closet and jump in and out of my laundry basket. So we'd call her and she'd come out with my bra on or my camisole and believe it or not even my underwear on (not all at the same time but they were put on as if she was a person), and she'd look up at us like "What's the matter, what are you laughing at?" She was so tiny but she was a force to be reckoned with. Needless to say, she will be missed dearly by us and by her partner in crime, Murphy... Love you baby girl with all our hearts.


11/24/2010 - 6/19/2019

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" - Winnie the Pooh
No more meeting at the screen more chin on our more walks or playing with Andy Bear. Whistler, you are the sweetest dog there is. We miss you greatly and are so glad that you chose us to have you. Enjoy running with your friends and eat all the ice cream you want. Love, Mom & Dad


12/10/08 - 12/30/18

There was a trio of boxers. Now they're gone. Ethyl, Arizona, and Rocky. Rocky always just wanted to be loved and part of the group. He loved his walks, the dog park and bones. Cancer killed him but he fought to the end. A brave, beautiful dog. So long pal.


10/19/2006 - 12/18/2018

Mr. Bones was the greatest dog, he never barked. He was so so sweet, loved to go for walks, and always enjoyed his 2 tsp of oatmeal with me each day. He always knew when I was cooking it, as he would gently paw my leg to say I am here to have some. He loved all veggies, string beans were his very favorite snack along with carrots and lettuce. When we came home from the grocery store, Mr. Bones always checked to see if we brought home his stringy beans as I called them.

When he was being groomed, he always fell asleep as he enjoyed Carli so much, our groomer. I will never find another sweetest dog like Mr. Bones as he is missed so much by our whole family. It broke my heart when we lost him, as one day he was so healthy and then the next morning he declined so fast. RIP Mr. Bones. You are missed so very much, you brought so so much joy.


10/04/2004 - 2/16/2019

He was simply the sweetest cat.


4/8/2002 - 8/6/2019

Taffy was a little, energetic bundle of joy! She was a terrific watch dog for her tiny size! She will be greatly missed!


9/20/2005 - 1/15/2019

Izzy's biggest joy was eating. She would run around in circles when I put her food out. It's the "yorkie" dance. Because of her kidney issues, her diet was restricted to prescription food, but she loved it. If I left her for several hours, when I got home she would literally squeal with joy to see me. It was amazing, to be so loved.



I am reaching out to family and friends to reluctantly share our horrible pain with those that have touched our lives and that of our little angel, Scooter.

Despite his cervical disc disease diagnosis more than three years ago, a medicinal answer was found that gave us a happy puppy (he will always be a puppy to us!) in a home filled with love and safety to spend these last years.

As Scooter entered his sixteenth year of life this past April, we took notice of changes that were not good, His condition worsened in these past few weeks and we were no longer able to remedy them through veterinarian care. In order to prevent his condition from progressing to a point of debilitating pain, Katy and I made that horribly painful decision to lead our baby to the Rainbow Bridge. On Saturday, Scooter went to Heaven.

I have done my job in protecting him as I promised I would that day in April 2008 back in Autsin, Texas when he was rescued from the shelter.

I am angry at God in that I thought we were going to have our Scooter with us until his natural death. I am angry that God made katy and I make that decision as to when his death should be. At the same time, I am grateful to God that we were blessed with these past eleven years with Scooter and the past three that did not even look like an option when he was suffering so horribly in 2016.

Scooter's passing has been one of the most painful moments of our life and yet we regret nothing. He was never a dog to us and we loved him as one of our own children. Despite knowing that the day would come where he would leave this earth before us, we loved him completely and without reservation...which is the only way to love.

With love and gratitude,
Mark and Katy Bateman


11/18/2007 - 11/13/2018

Speedy loved his green tennis ball. He would be busy ripping off the green felt covering just leaving a bit left in order to grab and fling in the air in order to chase it. This was a ritual every morning while I was making him breakfast and dinner. He would also put the ball in his mouth squeezing it so you can hear that squeaking noise from the ball. I am truly missing this ritual as well as cuddling with him while watching tv, he loved doing this.


9/2008 - 6/11/2019

Skittles was my little princess. She was a very smart, loving and loyal cat. I can never replace her, and my heart is broken. Rest in sweet peace my sweet angel.


8/2002 - 12/1/2018

In the Summer I would be outside doing some garden work and Gizmo would also be outside with me. Every once in a while Gizmo would check to see if I was looking and take a walk across the street to the neighbors house to get his favorite treats. Everyday when I come from work Gizmo would greet me at the front door. He never missed a beat. Also, enjoyed cuddle time with me in my recliner. I truly miss his little face at the door.


5/20/2005 - 5/23/2019

Teddy was my best friend. He helped me through my mother's death, my sister's death and my divorce. He will be greatly missed.


7/11/2009 - 12/7/2018

Marty was the most playful, loving, and compassionate member of our family. He had an uncanny understanding of human emotion and penchant for fetch like no other. He was a patient and affectionate companion to his younger brother, Wally, and his sisters, Epiphany and Nala. Marty had a calming presence in our household and seemed to make it his goal to ensure that everyone felt as loved and appreciated as he did every day. He is missed and will continue to be missed by our hearts with every passing moment. In your honor, Marty, we will strive to be the good that you always saw in us, so save us some seats up there.


4/13/2003 - 3/14/2019

Miracle was an amazing cat who will be missed immensely by his mom and dad and 3 human siblings, as well as his 5 fur siblings. There was never a dull moment with Mir, he enjoyed being the boss of the house and the center of attention. He was strong and courageous till the very end. We love you Mir, rest easy buddy.


11/2002 - 11/16/2018

In 2002, while my husband Brian was working in our garage, a tiny kitten appeared out of no where. It stood in front of him crying and meowing and wouldn't leave. So my husband, a fireman, did what firemen are known to do, rescue kittens. He named him Smokey because he was smokey gray with a white chest. He was Brian's best buddy, until Brian suddenly passed away in 2010. Smokey has been my loving companion since and has given me much joy. Now there is another void in my life.


12/25/02 - 11/23/18

Cindy left us unexpectedly last Friday, she was a shelter dog from MO that lived in a cage for the first 6 years of her life. We adopted her and loved her dearly. Our hearts are broken and will miss her dearly.


5/19/2006 - 6/13/2012

Our dog Mack was like our 6-year old son, he brought us such joy. He was there for us in good times and bad. He never talked back, he always was the first one at the door to great you tail wagging and looking for some lovin, the thing he thought everyone was coming just to see him. Many people met Mack and a few things were certain, you never forgot his "whip like"tail, he was either a good dog or you were intimidated by his size/breed, and you had a new friend. Words cannot describe our loss. He is gone, but will remain in our hearts forever.


5/5/2005 - 6/23/2014

From the moment she chewed on Dan's shoelace at the pet store, we knew Dusty was meant to be part of our family. For 9 years, she brought us so much love in her unique way. As a Pug, she was snorty, wiggly, and snored when she slept, but she was loved by all. She was the sweetest, friendliest, most loyal dog we've ever known. And she was our family dog and leaves a huge Dusty-sized hole in our lives. Sweet Dreams Dusty, see you on The Rainbow Bridge with a whole chicken.