Nutritional Counseling

If you've been a pet owner for long, you probably know that animals are extraordinarily finicky about which brand of "show" they prefer, while others seem willing to consume just about anything, food or otherwise. But pets don't necessarily know what's good for them -- and it's not always easy for owners to know, either. That's why it pays to take your pet to a veterinary center like Mokena Animal Clinic. Our skilled staff of veterinarians can administer a pet wellness exam, make dietary and nutritional recommendations to accommodate specific health issues, and even help an overweight pet become trim and healthy.

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Pet nutrition is a more complex subject than you might realize. for one thing, different kinds of animals have different nutritional requirements. Cats, for instance, must get all their nutrition from meat to ensure that they receive all the amino acids they need -- including taurine, which their bodies cannot manufacture. By contrast, dogs create their own taurine and can safely live as omnivores, getting their nutrition from animal and vegetable matter. That's why it's always best to give dog food to your dog and cat food to your cat. No animals can stay healthy by eating human foods, which has the wrong mix of nutrients and also contains unhealthy levels of sodium, fats, sugars and preservatives. Some human foods are even fatal when consumed by pets.

Nutritional and dietary needs also change for a given pet over time. A rapidly-growing puppy may need lots of food to keep up that boundless energy level, while an adult may only need one or two sensible meals a day. A relatively sedentary geriatric animal may eat less than an active adult. Health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or organ failure may call for specialized diets. Some pets are also allergic to specific foods.

We Are Your Source for Mokena Pet Nutritional Counseling

Our Mokena pet nutritional counseling always revolves around the annual pet wellness exam. This is where we establish your pet's baseline health to see whether any underlying health problems call for a special diet. We also weigh your pet to watch out for obesity, a serious issue that can promote cancer, diabetes, hypertension, joint problems and organ dysfunction. An overweight pet may need a customized weight loss plan based on dietary adjustments and regular exercise.

Pets with chronic ailments can also benefit from our Mokena pet nutritional counseling. An animal suffering from high blood pressure or kidney failure, for example, may require a low-sodium diet. Pets who experience chronic joint pain may get some relief from supplements such as fish oil or turmeric. We can also discover which foods are causing allergic reactions in your pet and help you select alternative food products.

Call Mokena Animal Clinic at 708-479-2811 to schedule a pet wellness exam and Mokena pet nutritional counseling. It's the first step toward a healthy, happy life for your pet!