Cold Laser Therapy

How Our Mokena Cold Laser Therapy Can Help Your Pet

Just a few generations ago, it would have seemed unthinkable that applying light to an injury or disease site would promote healing and pain relief. But today's medical science has made it possible -- and not just for human patients, but also for pets. Cold laser therapy is a painless, non-invasive way to stimulate tissue regeneration while relieving pain and inflammation, making it a great treatment option for a wide range of conditions. Best of all, you can obtain Mokena pet laser treatment right here at Mokena Animal Clinic, Ltd.

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Cold laser therapy, also referred to as low-level laser therapy or LLLT, is so named because the beam of amplified light emitted by the instrument doesn't burn, cut or cauterize as a surgical laser beam does. A specific wavelength in the 600 to 900-nanometer range passes right through the skin, penetrating to a predetermined tissue depth. The beam then achieves some remarkable things, including:

  • Metabolic stimulation - Cold laser therapy stimulates cell metabolism to boost production of ATP, a necessary "fuel" for tissue building and repair.

  • Natural pain relief - The light energy encourages the production of endorphins (natural painkilling substances)

  • Inflammation reduction - Cold laser light increases circulation at the treatment site, which helps the tissues expel inflammatory substances

These benefits make Mokena cold laser therapy useful for chronic pain or injured tissues. We prescribe it for such common conditions as:

  • Slow-to-healing lick granulomas or other skin problems

  • General and post-operative wound healing

  • Muscle and connective tissue repair

  • Chronic joint pain conditions such as arthritis

  • Thyroid conditions

  • Kidney disease, injury or failure

  • Infection management

  • Muscle pain and neuropathy (nerve pain)

  • Healing of bones repaired with metal implants

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Our Mokena pet laser treatment is so simple that any pet can tolerate it easily. There's no need to shave the treatment site, administer sedation or make any other special preparations other than keeping your beloved companion still for the procedure. We then position a wand over the treatment site and allow the laser beam to do its work, with a typical session taking only a few minutes. Most pets seem to enjoy the soothing application of the laser as it eases their pain and restores freedom of motion to ailing joints.

The sheer gentleness of the procedure is especially valuable for treating senior pets who may be suffering from age-related pain but cannot tolerate strong painkilling medications. It also means that you can schedule Mokena cold laser therapy for your pet as often as you like to help him manage chronic pain with no worries about side effects or complications.

If your best friend needs help recovering from an injury or regaining pain-free freedom of motion, call our Mokena animal hospital today at 708-479-2811. We can evaluate his condition to see whether cold laser treatment is just what he needs!