Pet Microchipping at Mokena Animal Clinic

At Mokena Animal Clinic, we know each and every patient is a valued family member too. You want your dogs and cats to live long, healthy lives, and each Mokena veterinarian at our animal clinic works hard to provide the preventative care and treatments they need to do just that. However, we also know that accidents happen and there are some emergencies you cannot predict or prevent.

In addition to our comprehensive pet wellness services, we also offer pet microchipping to increase your chances of a happy reunion if your pet gets lost. We highly recommend microchips for every single dog and cat, so if your pet doesn't have one yet, we encourage you to learn more about the procedure and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

happy pet with vet

Benefits of Pet Microchipping in Mokena, IL

If you and your pets get separated from one another for any reason, you need a way to find them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, lost pets may get disoriented and frightened, making it difficult for them to return home or for you to track them down. Instead, you may have to depend on strangers to find your pet and contact you.

Collars can get lost, damaged, or even stolen, but microchips stay beneath the pets' skin for the rest of their lives. If your pet is found without an identifying tag, "missing pet" posters should not be the only way for people to identify them and contact you. Microchips are tiny computer chips that contain your contact information, and when veterinarians scan them, they can contact you immediately and deliver the good news.

Why We Use the HomeAgain Microchip

Microchipping is a simple and speedy procedure, and your pet will only feel a quick pinch similar to a vaccination injection. After the tiny chip is beneath your pet's skin, it will cause no discomfort or pain. However, some microchips "migrate" elsewhere in the body over time, and veterinarians may miss it if they only scan the neck. That's why your Mokena veterinarian only uses microchips manufactured by HomeAgain.

HomeAgain microchips will contain your contact information for the rest of your pet's life, and they are also designed to prevent migration. Bio-Bond™ technology keeps the microchip in place between their shoulder blades so that veterinarians can locate it immediately and read its unique identification number. This number corresponds to your pet's name and your contact information, including your name, address and phone number. The number will never be reassigned to another pet; it is completely unique.

Microchips are as tiny as a grain of rice, and the procedure is as easy as a shot. However, this simple process could change or save your pet's life. Prevent unnecessary heartache and call us today to set up your microchipping appointment.