Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy for My Pet

Cold laser therapy is a welcomed alternative to treating joint issues and other conditions for pets. It is non-invasive, effective, and inexpensive compared to other treatment options. It is so comfortable for pets to receive cold laser therapy that they might like the treatment. However, cold laser therapy is just beginning to gain popularity among veterinarians in the United States. 

Cold laser therapy effectively alleviates acute or chronic pain, reduces inflammation, and stimulates healing. Cold laser therapy can help your dog heal faster and feel better in good time.


How It Works

To most people, the concept of lasers means beams of light that burn or cut tissue. This is an idea propagated in films, but the use of lasers for surgeries is quite widespread. The lasers used in cold laser therapy are cold because they have a short wavelength, making them useful in treatment.

The laser works by focusing light energy or photons into the area receiving treatment. These photons have a significant impact on the mitochondria of the cells with which they come into contact. They cause a process called photobiomodulation to start in the cells. This process results in the production of ATP, the cells’ energy fuel. ATP is essential in improving cell function and accelerating the regeneration of injured cells.

The impact of cold laser therapy is less pain, decreased inflammation, and faster healing for your pet.


What Conditions Does It Treat?

Cold laser therapy is primarily popular for treating post-operative and chronic conditions. Some of these are:


  • Ligament and tendon injuries

  • Arthritis

  • Neurological conditions

  • Wounds (bite or surgical wounds) and muscle injuries

  • Muscle strains and sprains


What Are the Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy?


Low Pain Levels

Cold laser therapy effectively reduces pain in pets by aiding the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are a group of hormones produced in the body to lower pain levels in pets. This makes cold laser therapy able to provide relief for pets with chronic pain conditions.


Improved Healing and Reduced Inflammation

Cold laser therapy boosts circulation in the area receiving treatment and heals tissues from the cellular level. It generates a warming effect on the tissues around. These properties allow the therapy to boost the healing rate and reduce the inflammation of soft tissues.



During the treatment, most pets do not fuss around; instead, they lie calmly on the table. This might be because they associate the therapy with feeling better.


Zero Side Effects

Your pet does not need shaving as done in ultrasound to receive the treatment. Also, cold laser therapy treatments do not have any side effects on your pet. Most clients report that their pets are more playful after the treatment.


How Often Should My Pet Receive Cold Laser Therapy?

How often your pet receives cold laser therapy depends on your pet and the treatment condition. You can talk to your vet to develop a reasonable treatment plan.

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