When Should I Take My Bird to the Vet?

Pet birds need as much care as cats and dogs, if not more. Birds are fragile, and like their fellow animals, they are good at masking signs of illness. It is not uncommon for vets to hear that a bird was fine in the morning. When they ask questions, they realize that the bird has signs of illness. Sometimes, the birds hold out until they cannot hold it anymore.

Get to know when the right time to take your pet to the vet is. Know which signs you should note.


How Do I Know There Is a Need?

You must know your bird’s usual behavior patterns. It will let you note subtle changes in activity, attitude, eating, and drinking. You should also make sure that you take your pet to the vet for regular checkups. To ensure that your pet gets the best care, find an avian vet. You can also look for a regular vet with the training and skills to treat birds.


Vet Appointments

There are many instances when you should take the bird to the vet. Here are some of them that you should carefully consider.


The Initial Exam

Once you acquire a bird, you must visit an avian vet. The vet will perform a complete checkup on the bird. They will take in their details and note the bird’s age, sex, weight, and where you got it. They will also perform a physical evaluation to check the bird’s fitness.

They will check the bird’s heart and lungs with a stethoscope. The vet will also check out their beak, wings, ears, eyes, spine, and plumage for deformities and signs of illness.

Make sure you get all previous medical records. Take your bird to the vet at Mokena Animal Clinic for its initial exam within the first month of acquisition. The vet will discuss with you the important aspects of the bird’s care. They will advise you on how to prevent unnecessary emergencies and illnesses. They will also recommend that you take the bird for regular checkups at least twice a year.


Behavioral Changes

Call your vet and book an appointment if you notice any abnormal behavior. The vet will help you understand the bird’s normal and abnormal behavior. They will also advise you on how to deal with this behavior.


Regular Checkups

Take your bird to the avian vet at least twice a year. The vet will find out about the pet’s feeding, grooming, and housing during the visit. The aim is to know if the bird has all the necessities it needs. They will also help you with small details to add to your bird’s quality of life.



Sometimes, you may need to take your bird to the vet due to signs of illness. The vet will recommend diagnostic tests that will help find out what may be wrong. With the diagnosis, they will develop a treatment plan that may help save your pet’s life. Stick to the instructions your vet gives.

For more information on when to take your bird to the vet, visit Mokena Animal Clinic at our office in Mokena, Illinois. You can call (708) 479-2811 today to schedule an appointment.