Microchipping FAQs

FAQs about Microchipping Your Pet at Mokena Animal Clinic

Has your pet been micro-chipped? At Mokena Animal Clinic, we know your pets are part of the family, and we want to keep that family intact. Learn more about microchipping to find out why we recommend it for every Mokena pet.

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Common Questions Asked About Microchipping Answered by Our Mokena Vet

What is a Microchip?

Microchips are tiny computer chips that contain brief but potentially life-saving information about you and your pet. At Mokena Animal Clinic, we use HomeAgain® pet microchips, which are integrated into a pet recovery program that sends out immediate alerts when pets are lost.

What Information Do Microchips Contain?

After your pet's micro-chipping, they will receive their very own microchip number. HomeAgain collects the following information about each number in their online registry:

  • Your name

  • Your pet's name

  • Description of your pet

  • Your phone number

  • Your current address

  • Your email address

  • Mokena Animal Hospital's name and contact information (because we implanted the microchip)

Why Should I Get My Pet Microchipped?

Microchipping is a quick, preventative procedure that will give your family peace of mind for the rest of your pet's life. Think about it: collars can get torn and lost (or deliberately removed). "Missing pet" posts and flyers don't reach every pair of eyes. If the unthinkable happens and you are suddenly separated from your pet, you can only count on a microchip to stick with your pet and identify you to anyone who finds them.

Even if your pet has never gotten loose, you can't predict every emergency and accident that might happen in the future. For example, a guest or service provider might leave a door open, giving your curious pet an opportunity to chase a bird or squirrel. A car accident or natural disaster might separate you physically from your pet, giving you little control over where they end up. Just in case something like this happens, a microchip will speak on your pet's behalf, telling veterinarians who to contact.

What If My Address Changes?

It's very important to keep your registration up-to-date after your Mokena pet micro-chipping. Though veterinarians may be able to track you down using outdated information, it's best to keep your pet's microchip associated with a current address. To update your registration information, login into the HomeAgain.

Do Microchips Expose My Pet to Harmful Rays?

No. Microchips transmit their serial numbers at passive frequencies, which means they only deliver information when they're actually scanned. The microchip itself contains no power source, and its main components are completely encased in a protective layer.

Is Microchipping Painful for My Pet?

Micro-chipping is very similar to any other injection, so your pet will only feel a brief pinch during the implantation. Our licensed veterinarians at Mokena Animal Clinic use a special syringe to implant the microchip in the back of your dog or cat's neck.

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