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Parasite Prevention & Control

Mokena Animal Clinic, Ltd. is your go-to place for all your pet's health and wellness needs. From routine exams and vaccinations to microchipping, spay and neuter procedures, and everything in between, our skilled veterinary team is committed to providing your pet with the highest level of care possible. One of the more common veterinary services we offer here in our office is that of parasite control and prevention, which is extremely important in both indoor and outdoor pets.

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Our Veterinarian in Mokena Explains the Dangers of Parasites in Pets

There are a number of parasites that commonly afflict pets, and the effects can be devastating. Fleas and ticks, for example, are both common skin parasites seen in dogs and cats alike. Fleas feed off the host's blood, which can result in skin irritation, itching, and other discomforts for your pet as the fleas bite at the skin. Ticks, on the other hand, also feed on blood but carry an even more potentially dangerous risk known as Lyme Disease.

Intestinal parasites can also plague your pet, such as tapeworms and roundworms. These can prevent your pet from absorbing important nutrients from food and can result in symptoms such as illness, weight loss, and overall lethargy.

Finally, heartworm infestations are also a potential risk with both indoor and outdoor pets, though outdoor pets are at greater risk due to the fact that mosquitos are the common carriers of heartworm. With this condition, affected pets can suffer from a number of heart and respiratory problems and will not live as long as heartworm-free pets if they aren't treated right away.

Parasite Prevention

The good news is that all of these issues are avoidable with the right parasite prevention in Mokena. At our clinic, we provide a number of pest and parasite prevention services and products to help your pet lead a healthier life. For instance, if your pet is showing symptoms of any of the above-listed parasites, we encourage you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible so our veterinary in Mokena staff can evaluate and properly diagnose your pet. From there, we can carry out the proper treatment methods to handle your pet's parasite, whether it be an intestinal, skin, or other types of parasite.

We also offer a number of prevention products here in our office that we would be happy to prescribe to your pet as a means of avoiding parasites in the first place. These come in a number of forms, from pills to collars, so you can be sure to find one that suits your pet's lifestyle and your specific needs.

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