Bird & Avian Care


Bird owners know they make great pets, with their colorful feathers and beautiful songs. Some, such as parrots, even amuse us with their almost-human voices! Pet owners need to remember that birds have unique health needs they need to pay attention to. Birds are famously slow to show signs of disease, so we recommend that you bring yours to our bird vet at Mokena Animal Clinic twice a year for a wellness examination. Allowing our avian veterinarian to examine your bird is the best way to make sure it lives a healthy life.

Services Our Clinic Offers

The most common reason you will bring your bird to see our avian vet is for regular wellness exams. Our bird vet will determine if your bird is suffering from potentially dangerous diseases and advise you how to treat them if it is. In addition, he will check for avian parasites, abnormal bacteria, and yeast. We will take care of any needed grooming, including beak, wing, and nail trimming and consult with you on your bird's dietary needs. We will also help you deal with feather picking or any other behavioral problems your bird may have.

Although preventative medicine is the ideal, our full-service clinic is always ready to deal with any health issues your bird may have. Our bird vet does diagnostic testing for birds that are not in good health, offer medical and surgical care and are always ready for urgent care emergencies. Whether through accident or illness, if your bird is not well our avian vet team can help you get it back on the road to health.

Signs and Symptoms

Keep a careful watch on your bird's behavior. It is an important key to diagnosing its health, both good and bad. Some of the more common symptoms of illness in birds are:

  • Changes in the color and consistency of its droppings
  • A crusty substance on the eyes or beak
  • Sudden or excessive weight loss or weight gain
  • Sitting quietly in the cage with no outside interest

Your Bird’s Regular Checkup

You have brought your bird into our office for its regular checkup. What should you expect? Our avian veterinarian will begin with taking a complete history of your bird's background, including age, sex, diet, housing, origin and habits. It will be helpful if you bring any records you have from previous veterinary examinations. Our vet will begin the physical exam by observing the bird on a table or perch. We will weigh your bird, then move on to a hands-on exam to make sure all body parts are developing normally. We will check the droppings for parasites and any abnormalities, and finish up with any recommended vaccinations.

Contact Your Avian Veterinarian at Mokena Animal Clinic

The best way to keep your bird healthy and content is by having it regularly examined by a veterinarian who is familiar with it. Having a regular avian vet is the best way to pick up on subtle health issues that might otherwise be missed. If you are looking for a new avian vet, or if your bird is due for its latest wellness checkup, call our office at 708-479-2811 to make an appointment.