Why It Is a Good Idea to Microchip Your Dog This Summer

Technology is making a huge impact on nearly all aspects of modern life. This includes the way pet owners care for their animal companions. Today, many people are microchipping their pets to keep them safe if they run away or get hurt in an accident. This is why most professional animal clinics offer this service.


Pet microchips are no longer a futuristic fantasy. In addition to adding a layer of security, the tiny chips play an important role in reuniting people with their animal companions. One of the most painful experiences in life is losing a beloved pet. Most separations are unintentional; however, things such as pet microchips aim to prevent pet theft, injury, or re-adoption.


Essentially, pet microchips provide a form of insurance against long-term separation. As a dedicated dog owner, you need to recognize the importance of your furry friend’s security and safety. While an ID tag and collar are important, collars can come off and tags can become unreadable.


How Pet Microchips Work


These chips neither contain a GPS nor do they track your pet. They are an electronic repository for important contact information. They are about the size of a grain of rice. Their small size allows veterinarians to insert them below the surface of the skin. They do not cause any pain; however, many pet owners choose to microchip their pets while they are under anesthesia.


The chip emits a radio frequency when you pass a special scanner over the implantation site. This frequency reveals a special number and the name of the microchip agency. When an animal control officer or veterinarian calls the agency and provides the number, he or she will get your pet’s contact information. You will then receive a call informing you of the location of your lost pet.


Why You Should Microchip Your Dog This Summer


It Can Help Reunite You With Your Lost Dog


This is the main purpose of pet microchips. If you lose your canine friend and someone takes him or her to the pound or the vet, they will get a scan while there. The scan will provide the information required to get in touch with you to let you know the location of your pooch.


Pet Microchips Last a Long Time


Did you know that these small chips can last more than 20 years? Therefore, you will not need to install it more than once in your dog’s life. If your dog miraculously lives past 20 years, he or she will not be in any shape to run off.


It Is a Relatively Painless and Quick Procedure


It only takes a few seconds to install the chip, and your dog will not feel more than a slight pinch. Do not worry about him or her having any lingering pain or being sore after the procedure. You will not even have to hold him or her down.


Here are other reasons why it is a good idea to microchip your dog this summer:


  • You can use the chip to prove ownership of your dog


  • Your dog cannot lose the chip


  • Your personal information will remain secure


  • The pet microchip database is national


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