What Conditions Does Pet Dermatology Treat?

Do you see your pet constantly licking or scratching their skin? If so, you should consider taking them to a licensed veterinary dermatologist. Skin conditions are a common concern for many pet owners. Skin irritations and conditions can result from various causes.

In addition to causing behavioral symptoms such as excessive scratching or licking, skin conditions can also cause physical symptoms like scabbing, red skin, and hair loss. These skin problems can range from mild irritation to pain if left untreated. Thus, it is important to consult a veterinary dermatologist as soon as possible.


What Is a Veterinary Dermatologist?

This is a type of veterinarian specializing in diagnosing, managing, and treating animal skin, hoof, hair, ears, and mouth. Veterinary veterinarians are especially skilled in treating various allergic skin conditions in animals. Many of these skin conditions are easy to diagnose. However, treatment is not always so straightforward.

There are different treatments for skin conditions in pets. Hence, treatment is often a matter of trial and error to determine the best treatment for individual animals. For other skin problems, investigative work is necessary to perform an accurate diagnosis before treatment can begin.


Importance of Pet Dermatology

Do you know that skin is an organ? Its purpose is to prevent things like heat and water from escaping the body. It also prevents harmful organisms from getting into the more vulnerable organs and parts of the body and causing health problems.

One of the most common reasons pet owners take their animal companions to a veterinarian is skin conditions. It is easy to overlook many skin problems in pets. This can cause them to worsen before you seek medical help. One of the most serious problems associated with skin problems in pets is the increased risk of secondary infections.


Common Dermatological Problems in Pets

Skin is the largest body organ for both humans and animals. Thus, some skin problems can be very uncomfortable or even painful for pets. Some of the common pet conditions requiring veterinary dermatology treatment include:


Cushing’s Disease

Also known as hyperadrenocorticism, this condition occurs when an animal’s adrenal glands secrete excessively high levels of cortisone. It is less common in cats than dogs, but it can affect both species. Experts link it to a non-pituitary condition of the adrenal glands or a tumor of the pituitary gland. Giving your pet too many steroids can also lead to the development of this disease.

Common symptoms include excessive thirst, hair loss, excessive urination, excessive appetite, and lethargy. Your veterinarian will run various tests to diagnose this disease. Treatment will depend on the cause of the disease. However, your veterinarian will help you choose the most appropriate course of action.


Allergic Dermatitis

Also referred to as skin allergies, this condition is quite common in both cats and dogs. Humans tend to sneeze and have runny noses and eyes when they have allergies. Animals, on the other hand, develop skin conditions due to allergies. This often leads to excessive itching, licking, redness, and hair loss.



This condition results from the thyroid gland’s inability to secrete sufficient quantities of thyroxine. This is a common problem in dogs but not in cats. Symptoms include hair loss, obesity, and lethargy. Your veterinarian will conduct thyroids tests and blood panels to diagnose this condition.

Other common skin conditions in pets that require veterinary dermatology treatment include:

  • Ringworm.
  • Lick granuloma.
  • Scabies.

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