Spay and Neuter: Top Health Benefits



Spaying/neutering are names given to the process of removing the reproductive capabilities of animals so that they can no longer bear young. These fairly straightforward procedures should be a top priority for pet owners shortly after they bring their new furbaby home for the first time.


Most people think that the only reason to neuter their pet is to prevent breeding. This is certainly one of the most important aspects of the process, particularly since millions of animals are living in shelters across the country due to a lack of loving homes being available for them, while breeders continue to produce pets to order. When you choose to neuter your pet, you are taking the responsible decision to prevent your pet from adding to the overpopulation crisis, however inadvertently!


Nevertheless, there is another important reason why neutering should be one of your first considerations after your new pet gets settled in at home – it could significantly benefit his health.


Here is what you need to know about the top health benefits associated with neutering your pet.

Neutering your male pet

If you make the responsible decision to neuter your male pet, some of the health benefits that he will experience will include:


-         Complete elimination of the risk of testicular cancer

-         Reduced risk of non-cancerous prostate disorders

-         Reduced risk of developing perianal fistulas

-         Can potentially reduce the risk of diabetes


In addition to the health benefits listed above, there are also a variety of important behavioral advantages. These include:


-         Your male is less likely to mark his territory by spraying urine around the house and backyard.

-         Your male will be less likely to mount other animals, people, furniture…

-         Aggression is less likely.

-         Your male will not harass females that he comes across.

-         He is also less likely to run away from your home in order to try and find a mate, and this reduces the likelihood of accidents such as running into traffic.

Spaying your female pet

Many people think that spaying is only carried out to prevent unwanted pregnancy. While this is a definite benefit, there is also a range of other health advantages associated with spaying, including:


-         Spaying helps prevent uterine infections, some of which can be fatal. Spaying before her first heat offers the greatest protection against uterine infections.

-         Spaying helps to prevent breast tumors from developing, which are cancerous in as many as 90% of cats and 50% of dogs. Again, spaying before her first heat is best.

-         Your female will be less likely to experience perianal fistulas.

-         Elimination of the risk of uterine, cervical and ovarian tumors.

-         No risk of complications as a result of pregnancy or childbirth.


Again, like males, a female can also experience some behavioral benefits from the spaying process. These include:


-         Not going into heat – something which can be messy, particularly during breeding season when females go into heat for around 4-5 days out of every 21!

-         Your female will be less inclined to urinate around the house when she is in heat.

-         She will be less vocal during mating season!



If you would like to learn more about the health benefits associated with the neutering process, if you have questions about what to expect from the procedure, or to schedule an appointment for your previous pet, please get in touch with our veterinary clinic where our team will be delighted to help.