Pet sitters vs. Kennels: Which is Best for your Pet

When you are forced to be temporarily separated from your pet, you want to be reassured that they are in the safest of hands and will be cared for properly in your absence. This means that there is a lot of pressure to choose the right caregiver for your animal.


When it comes to temporary care for pets, most owners are faced with deciding between a pet sitter or placing their pet into kennels for boarding. We understand just how difficult this decision can be, and to help you make that choice, we have put together everything that you need to know about both pet sitters and kennels.


About pet sitters

A pet sitter is a person that comes to your home to look after your pet whilst you are away. Some pet sitters will live permanently in your home for the duration of the time that you aren’t around, whilst others will pop in and out to perform the care that your pet needs. Cats are typically more independent and will only need someone to come in and feed them regularly, and perhaps empty their litter tray. Meanwhile, dogs are very keen on companionship and quickly become lonely without their humans around. They also need daily walking, both for health reasons and for them to empty their bladder and bowels.


The main advantage of choosing a pet sitter over boarding is that your creature can remain in their usual environment, which helps to prevent the anxiety that is often associated with boarding. Staying at home is particularly suited to pets with a nervous disposition or who suffer from ill-health. When you choose a pet sitter, you may be able to get them to fit in with your pet’s usual routine and they will be able to take your furbaby to your usual vet should the need arise. You can also feel reassured that your pet will get plenty of 1-1 attention.


One thing to bear in mind is that not all pet sitters have qualifications and training in looking after pets. This means that your chosen pet sitter may not have enough experience to know if something isn’t quite right with your pet, and they may be unable to properly administer any medication that your animal might need.


About kennels

Kennels are one of several names used to describe the process of boarding your pet at a professional company that provides short-term accommodation to animals. In the U.S there are more than 8,500 dog-friendly kennels and an equal number for cats. You can even get boarding for more unusual pets including small mammals, reptiles and birds.


Kennels tend to be custom designed specifically for their purpose. This means that your pet will have its own designated area for sleeping, eating and relaxing. They may have the opportunity to spend time with other animals if you so wish, and many boarding services offer additional extras such as grooming too.


The biggest benefit of choosing kennels is knowing that you are leaving your pet in the hands of trained and experienced professionals. All boarding facilities should have strict protocols to follow regarding cleanliness and hygiene, serving up meals, mental and physical stimulation, medication administration and more. Any reputable kennels will also have very strict entry requirements to ensure that all pets enter and leave their care as healthy, active animals. Most professional kennels also have a veterinarian on standby in the unlikely event that your pet does become ill whilst you are separated. Rest assured that any good pet sitting or kennel service should contact you immediately if there are any issues with your pet.



Choosing between a pet sitter and kennels can be stressful, but our team is on hand to help you make that choice. Contact us today and let us take the angst out of organizing temporary accommodation for your pet.