Dos and Don’ts of At-Home Dental Care for Your Pets

You care for your pets by giving them fresh water and food every morning. You may also give them a good brushing. But is dental care on your list of pet care tasks? If not, then it should be. There are some best practices to follow when it comes to caring for your pet’s teeth, as well as things you should avoid.

Do: Try to Perform At-Home Dental Care Once a Day

Just like you brush your teeth every day, you can train your pet to expect daily brushing. Introducing it gradually is the key and remaining consistent with daily care is best for your pet. Starting slow and providing rewards to your pet can help encourage your pet to sit still for dental care.

If your pet begins to be impatient, you can give them a treat and then finish the rest of the care later. It is ideal to brush your pet’s teeth every day, but in some cases, it will not happen. You can try to do it three to four times a week instead.

Don’t: Use Human Toothpaste for Your Pet

Your vet can recommend a type of toothpaste that will work well for your pet. Human toothpaste contains harmful ingredients that can cause severe health problems for your pet. Instead, consider using C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste. This has a special formula that is healthy for pets. It also comes in multiple flavors, so you can find one that your pet will enjoy.

Don’t: Clean the Inside Teeth

You do not need to worry about cleaning the side of the teeth that face inside. The tongue of cats and dogs is rougher than the human tongue, so it can clean the inside of the teeth. The natural saliva will also clean the surface of the teeth.

Don’t: Give Your Dog Cow Bones

You should avoid giving your dog cow bones or hooves. These are too hard for your dog’s teeth, and the teeth might be at risk of breaking. The bones can also damage your dog’s teeth. Instead, consider giving your dog chew toys that are specially designed to clean their teeth.

Do: Schedule a Professional Dental Cleaning

You visit the dental office regularly, so your pet should also have regular dental care. With so many pets developing periodontal disease, you will want to make sure that your pet does not have tartar and plaque. Bacteria that are under the pet’s gum line should also be removed so that the pet does not get gum disease.

One of the benefits of scheduling regular pet dental cleanings is that it can protect the internal organs of your pets. It can also help your pets keep their teeth so they can eat nutritious foods. Tooth loss is painful for your pets.

If you would like to learn how to care for your pet’s teeth the right way, then please make an appointment at Mokena Animal Clinic in Mokena, Illinois, today.