Dermatology FAQs

Our Mokena Veterinarians Answer FAQ’s About Dermatology

Did you know that animals can have skin issues similar to humans? If your pet appears to have irritated skin, contact one of our veterinarians at Mokena Animal Clinic to get them treated right away. Below are some dermatology frequently asked questions for you to consider.


What are skin problems and irritation my pet may have?

Skin problems in cats and dogs can vary. Common skin problems in dogs include itchy skin, allergies, sores, hair loss, and dull coats. Common skin problems in cats are swelling, sores on the ears or face, hair loss, allergies, and flaky skin. All of these can be treated by your veterinarian.

What can cause hair loss on my pet?

Hair loss on your pet can be caused by several situations. Dogs lose hair due to mange, inflammation, trauma, abnormalities in their endocrine system, infection, immune disease, or other diseases. Cats lose hair because they have cancer, their thyroid is not balanced, parasites, allergies, and nervous disorders. Discuss with your veterinarian any changes in behavior your pet has displayed so that they can diagnose the issue correctly.

What causes rashes in pets?

There are several reasons your pet may develop a rash. A rash may happen because of dander from other animals, outdoor and indoor mold spores, house dust mites, pyoderma and airborne pollen, such as from weeds, grasses, and trees.

What allergies can pets get that can cause skin irritation?

There are a few allergies that can cause skin irritation in pets. Allergies from insecticides, plants, detergents, foods, bacterial and fungal infections, insect bites, and fabrics can cause skin irritation. Be aware of any changes in your pet's skin and what was going on in their environment right before their skin issues appeared so that our veterinarians can correctly diagnose and treat your pet.

How can a veterinarian help?

A veterinarian can help by diagnosing and treating your pet's skin issues. Mention any changes in behavior, as well as any skin changes, and diet with your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can perform a number of procedures to help improve your pet's skin. If a parasite is to blame for your pet's skin issue, then your veterinarian can perform a skin scraping to gather skin particles to further study for parasites. A skin cytology, fungal and bacterial cultures, having your pet try out hypoallergenic foods, and allergy testing can determine the cause of the skin issue. Sprays, tablets, and other skin remedies may be recommended.

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