Mokena Animal Clinic in Mokena, IL Offers Help For Pet Skin Problems

Like people, animals sometimes develop disorders that affect their skin, which can cause redness, swelling, sores, oozing, crusting, itching and may sometimes progress to infection. At Mokena Animal Clinic in Mokena, IL, we provide veterinary dermatology care for all types of pets.

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Rashes can occur because of a variety of factors. Sometimes parasites are the cause of itching and rashes. Pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses or fungus can cause a rash that can become infected and require antibiotic treatment. Mites or fleas can cause rashes that can develop into unsightly skin problems that require veterinary care. Contact with plants such as poison ivy can cause rashes that can be uncomfortable for your pet. Some rashes have a temporary cause, but others can be a chronic problem that requires ongoing treatment. Metabolic problems like diabetes can cause chronic skin problems. Your Mokena Animal Clinic vet can provide diagnostic blood tests to determine if an underlying medical condition is causing the skin issues.

Skin Allergies

Animals may also be subject to allergies that affect their skin. In some cases, food sensitivities can demonstrate as skin eruptions or irritation. Allergens involving grass, trees or molds can cause itching, redness, inflammation and can leave your pet vulnerable to secondary infections. Reactions can also be caused by household cleaning products, pet grooming products or lawn care chemicals. Your Mokena vet will try to find the source of the allergen in order to reduce contact and will treat the skin problem with antibiotic creams or steroid medications.

Hair Loss

Skin problems often cause severe itching and licking that eventually leads to hair loss. Itchiness is the symptom, more than the condition, and could indicate an underlying problem as simple as dry skin or flea infestation, or a more complicated medical issue. Infections of the skin can lead to hair loss, as can allergies. Timely treatment of the affected area will help to heal the skin and re-grow lost hair.

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